Thursday, December 8, 2016

Amazon Go Means More than Just Job Losses, it will Rstructure the Economy

Amazon launched a real-world store that allows customers to walk, take what they want and leave. There is no money, no queues. As explained in the FAQ on Amazon Go:

Our non-cash shopping experience is made possible by the same types of technologies used in autodidact cars: computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning. Simply walk to Our technology automatically detects when products are removed or returned to the shelves and stored in a virtual shopping cart. When you have finished shopping, you can leave the store. Shortly thereafter, it will be charged to your Amazon and will send you a receipt account.

This new business model is not only a challenge, established traders, but raises serious questions about the future of labor and the changing nature of the economy in general. In addition, it suggests that the role of the government will change, which implies less with the regulation of companies and more with the redistribution of wealth.

At this point, the store is only available to Amazon employees, although public versions must be opened in the US. In early 2017. An Australian version is probably a bit later. In fact, Amazon is preparing to launch a number of services in Australia, such as AmazonFresh, a grocery delivery service.

All these are prone to shake up the different posters (Coles / Woolworths, David Jones / Myer) dominate some retail sectors in Australia, but Amazon GB is likely to be the real disruptor.

The consequences for employment seem obvious. In the United States, about five million people are employed in retail trade, while Australia has 1.3 million and Britain has $ 2.8 million. Id, so, stores like Amazon could mean major job losses. Retailers can achieve savings of something in the order of 15% in operating costs, an amount that is likely to be very attractive technology. And, in fact, it's just the next logical development of automated funds already in use at most supermarkets or self check-in McDonald's already unfolding.

Of course, Amazon Go can also create work, probably, value-added services related to things such as return process or gift packaging, but that is unlikely to offset other job losses. It will also require people involved in inventory control and logistics, again, not much. Amazon is already well advanced in using robotics to do these things, with years of experience developing these technologies in their "satisfaction centers" (the name of fear they use for their stores).

So, anyway, it's hard to see how an operation like Amazon Go ultimately does not mean fewer jobs.

Is everything bad? Of course not. That is, there are no waiting lines or payment and shipping? From the customer's perspective, what more can you ask for?

Amazon Go is another growing problem as well. It has not been a concern for some time that cities and other retail outlets dig as people buy more and more online but imagine if all of the grocery stores were like Amazon GB No queues. It is easy to imagine a bustling city or a suburban center where people come to buy the things they want are less stressed and are therefore willing to stay in public spaces by listening to street musicians or drinking coffee. Who knows what other services may prevail?

But there is one more important point to make.

Amazon GB, with companies like Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, and even Google and Facebook, are part of a fundamental restructuring of the economy and the work that goes with it. It is not simply that technology is losing jobs. It changes the relationship between companies and employees, governments and citizens.

We pass a globalized world of global giants making a giant network technology.

In the first, the government's role was to coordinate and create local and international markets, as well as to define the rules under which we have all performed. The companies themselves tend to do one thing - which cars, for example - and benefited from a permanent full-time workforce. This provided the security and prosperity of an important middle class.

In the networked world of technology companies, companies are no longer independent silos that are one thing. They tend to be one
That is to say, by breaking the link between survival and work, UBI allows us all to not only benefit from the technology, but to reinvent what we even mean by the concept of work.

Aside from climate change, this reinvention of work is the most wicked problem facing humanity, and we can see the unease it causes reflected in the politics surrounding Brexit, and of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn and Pauline Hanson. What all these politicians have in common is they promise to “bring back the jobs” because they understand how important a decent job is to most people.

But developments like Amazon Go are a sharp reminder of how hollow such promises are. Our societies are being transformed right before our eyes. Automation is increasingly displacing human workers and so the politicians we need are not those playing on our insecurities by conjuring an image of the past, but those who can offer us a realistic vision of what comes next.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

UltraServe Opens US Office Following strong AWS and SAP Hybris Demand

Australian e-commerce specialist, UltraServe, was extended to the United States, opening an office in Chicago to meet the demand for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the deployment of SAP Hybris and hosting experience.

UltraServe CEO Matt Hyland said the Chicago location makes sense from a commercial point of view as Amway, one of the company's largest partners, was one of the other customers based in the United States.

"Its location in Chicago is ideally between Central also Atlantic and Pacific coasts, which simplifies the process of meeting the organizations and to help eleven customer companies that are on board, the country," he said.

According to Hyland, international travel did not begin approximately two years when the company has expanded its partnership with key suppliers, SES AWS and SAP.

The company has emerged from the demand for its services through an international recognition of its experience in the deployment, support and hosting of e-commerce platforms in the cloud.

"There is a wide range of commercial cloud hosting generic companies, but no other company specializing in this particular area in the way we do, we begin to be well known for our experience and expertise in e-commerce platforms," le said.

"The deployment of an e-commerce platform technology is a complex project for any commercial enterprise. The more complex the company is, the larger the project will normally be.

"UltraServe processes and technologies that make projects run smoothly and those Finally, the customer saves time, money and pain in the development of their developed e-commerce platform."

Along with the company's experience in implementing projects for the company's customers locally and globally, UltraServe For Its SmartStack software automates much of the development and deployment process.

Hyland Told's office in Illinois ARN UltraServe expects to grow in the coming months and is trying to make new employees in North America.

Hyland added that the company plans to continue its international also launched next year, opening an office in Europe as a base from which the company can service multiple ITS Global customers.

"The plan is to cover the Asia-Pacific region through our Sydney, the Americas office through our Chicago office and a European office would cover the territory."

In April of this year, UltraServe SU revealed initial plans to ramp up its international growth with the appointment of Chief Hyland's management role.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

How AWS Is Funding Amazon's E-Commerce Expansion In International Markets

Amazon Web Services Amazon's public cloud division, is the strongest and most profitable business division for the company, with sales growth of 55% over the past year to $ 3.2 billion and operating profit growth From more than 100% to $ 861 million. The operating profit of Amazon's online commerce activities in North America increased only 37% and the loss of performance of its international market increased 160% to $ 541 million for the same period.

Therefore, AWS has contributed 150% of the operating profit of the Amazon in the third quarter, offsetting the growing losses in international e-commerce due to investments in India.

The dominance of Amazon in the cloud market

AWS has been ranked first in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for cloud infrastructure services in the second quarter of 2016, followed by Microsoft, IBM and Google. Amazon has been a leader in the cloud infrastructure services market since 2006, thanks to its wide range of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings, And market continues to grow faster, steady improvement of it.

In the future, Amazon is expected to maintain its participation in this growing market by diversifying its product portfolio and expanding geographically. In order to reach out to all types of customers - start-ups, SMBs and large companies - and enhance their agility and customization capabilities, Amazon acquired Cloud9 earlier this year. It also opened two data centers in Mumbai in June to accelerate the expansion of its cloud services in the Asia-Pacific region.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

AWS-Certified-Solutions-Architect-Professional Exam Question No 26

Question No 26:

You require the ability to analyze a large amount of data which is stored on Amazon S3 using Amazon Elastc MapReduce. You are using the cc2.8xlarge instance type, whose CPUs are mostly idle during processing. Which of the below would be the most cost efcient way to reduce the runtme of the job?

A. Create fewer, larger fles m Amazon S3.
B. Use smaller instances that have higher aggregate I/O performance.
C. Create more, smaller fles on Amazon S3.
D. Add additonal cc2.8xlarge instances by introducing a task group.

Answer: B

Sunday, November 6, 2016

NextDC beats Equinix, Global Switch to AWS Melbourne Direct Connect

NextDC M1 installation has stolen a march on international competitors Equinix and Global Switch as the leading provider of co-location to go live with AWS Direct Connect in Melbourne.

The installation of M1 is the first point of the presence of direct connection in the Victorian capital, joining existing services in two data centers Global Switch Sydney and Equinix SY3.

The arrival of AWS Direct Connect in Melbourne offers "an important geo-redundancy service sustainability," according NextDC.

Currently, only three service providers offer services AWS Direct Connect NextDC M1: Telstra, Optus and NTT.

The arrival of Direct Connect in Melbourne offers customers another option for dedicated connections to services in the AWS cloud.

NextDC AXONVX service also operates its own data centers and third parties to provide dedicated connections to the services of private and public cloud, including AWS and Microsoft. The AXONVX virtual exchange network has locations in multiple facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.

According NextDC, guests staying outside the three current facilities can use AWS Direct Connect AXONVX to "take advantage of services between capital and ensure the elastic connections" on AWS.

Craig Scroggie, CEO NextDC, said: "The fact that AWS has chosen the center M1 data to host a Point of Presence Direct Connect is a testament to the world class quality of the installation and the strength of our ecosystem customers and partners .

"We are excited to see NextDC join the group selection leading provider of co-location in the world chosen by AWS to host a zone of direct connection.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Amazon’s AWS Results Give Rivals Cause to Worry

Amazon (AMZN) has put to rest doubts about its ability to continue its already large enterprise cloud computing growth. The company said AWS (Amazon Web Services) revenue increased 55% year on year (or every year) to $ 3.23 billion in 3Q16. The results easily beat consensus forecasts which required an income of $ 3.17 billion in the cloud sector.

$ 10 billion in sales

The graph above shows the sales growth trend of AWS in the last five quarters. AWS Amazon expects revenue to hit $ 10 billion this year. In addition to revenue growth, margins in the Amazon cloud as business improves. The company said the operating margin increased to a record AWS 32% last quarter. The operating margin of the cloud division was 30% in the same quarter last year.

The strong growth in AWS is a challenge for Microsoft (MSFT), Alphabet (GOOGL) and International Business Machines (IBM), because it means they are more backward than Amazon in the battle for the IT market cloud. The other cloud provider struggling to steal market share from Amazon cloud computing is Oracle (ORCL). As AWS has become larger, some analysts have predicted that the growth rate would slow, but the last quarter is rejected Amazon for these predictions.

Amazon has managed to exceed the expectations of growth in their cloud division despite some reports earlier this year that Apple (AAPL) has reduced its exposure to AWS by adopting some of its operations in the cloud of Google Cloud alphabet.

Growth opportunities are still very important in the field of cloud computing, because the transition of the business to the cloud is still in the early stages.

3Q16 Earnings Miss Expectations

Overall, Amazon reported EPS (earnings per share) of $ 0.52 on revenue of $ 32.7 billion in 3Q16 half. Although results improved from a year earlier, EPS missed the consensus estimate, which called for $ 0.78. consensus earnings forecast was $ 32.7 billion. Amazon is looking for revenue between $ 42 billion and $ 45.5 million in 4Q16 against the consensus estimate of $ 44.6 billion.