Sunday, October 18, 2015

Walmart plans to release OneOps cloud technology

Walmart plans to release OneOps cloud technology as open source, targeting AWS and Azure:

Walmart announced this week that it is open source cloud platform called OneOps, allowing developers to build cloud without being locked into a specific cloud provider.
"OneOps is the powerful cloud technology we built, that has transformed the way our engineers develop and launch new products for our customers," said Jeremy King Walmart CTO in the post announcing the project. "It is great news for companies that have considered switching cloud providers, but the experience of the" effect of Hotel California, "where they can" see, but never stop "its cloud provider, as they are locked into proprietary APIs , architectural tools and suppliers. "
Walmart is jumping into a market dominated by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The two companies have robust computing platform in the cloud where developers can create scalable applications, and Amazon, which generate a significant portion of company revenue.
Following in the footsteps of its main competitor, Amazon, Walmart may be able to guarantee a more stable source of revenue. The company announced this week, down 6 percent to 12 percent of the expected result for the coming year, and its shares fell 10 percent on the news.
Walmart says its cloud solution has some advantages over other AWS and Azure, in addition to the absence of lock-in. As part of the open source nature Walmart cloud enables application developers turn without learning proprietary APIs and tools. King also said OneOps "continuous" automatic pilot "of the scale of application and appliance repair when unexpected changes."
WalmartLabs have the source code on GitHub OneOps the end of the year.

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