Sunday, November 29, 2015

AWS draws on startup appeal to win over the enterprise

The startup community has strongly embraced the cloud Amazon Web Services technologies to disrupt the business market, and companies are now struggling

Boot community has taken hold in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and offers its Infrastructure-as-a-Service portfolio (IaaS) from the start of the company in 2006, while the company has adopted a more cautious approach in its technology .

The reasons are well documented and can be traced back largely to the fact that it is easier for startups to go faster and further in the AWS cloud because they are not burdened by the legacy of their corporate counterparts team.

This will led many cautionary tales AWS (and others) about how technology startups driven by continued outside its greatest innovation, business rivals older and disrupting markets that had already had a secure grip.

Although it would be easy to dismiss these stories as scaremongering, success and pure impact home businesses in the cloud as AirBnB were in a relatively short time would be difficult for even the most daring skeptics to challenge cloud.

Successes Word-of-mouth and large scale are large, but AWS has also made a concerted effort in recent years to respond directly to some of the other issues that support the adoption by the company of its cloud platform.

For example, skills shortages, the budget deficit, data sovereignty issues and security problems have conspired to make a move the company to the AWS cloud adventure set on more serious.

From the point of view of product strategy, democratization is the name of the game for AWS, with incursions in machine learning, database management and analysis of large data, for example, designed to reduce barriers skills and business costs for these technologies.

Clearly aware that the transition to the cloud is often a multi-year, multi-step process for many businesses, AWS has recently announced an alliance with Accenture to help ease the transition through.

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