Sunday, February 14, 2016

AWS amps up high performance computing with NICE acquisition

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced through the blog that it had acquired IT companies Italian, nice, for an undisclosed amount.

NICE, which is based in Asti, Italy, makes high-performance products and tools for visualization workloads. According to the blog, but also it offers "tools that are a great fit for the distributed workforce through mobile devices."

EnginFrame is a type of advanced network portal. For those unfamiliar, one site grid essentially provides a single point of access to computer network resources. In grid computing, many different computing resources, often in different geographic areas, work together to carry out the key tasks. Think of it as a kind of distributed supercomputer.

According to NICE DCV their product is "advanced technology that enables technical users 2D / 3D remote access applications through a standard network." LAN, WAN, VPN, and to account for differences or limitations of the network is also adapted. Basically, it allows users to do more

For starters, as noted by Forrester Research analyst Paul Miller, Amazon continued high performance computing for some time, and it shows in their product offerings.

"The company continues to implement larger body sizes, optimized to calculate (or memory) the intensive workloads," Miller said. "The use cases in the analysis, genomics, financial services and are well suited to high-performance solutions."

The EnginFrame product could possibly contribute to the scalability of AWS. However, the product of VTC offers a lot of interesting use cases. Because it makes better use of interactive 2D and 3D applications, which could lead to better collaboration on cloud prototype projects in areas such as design and architecture. It could also play Amazon Lumberyard in a 3D game engine for developers the company announced a few days ago.

Regardless of how applied technology, AWS will acquire more weight in the area of ​​high performance computing (HPC).

"This closer relationship between AWS and AWS Nice should give greater credibility in the HPC market," Miller said. "It also creates opportunities to provide additional capabilities aimed at the high-yield market in areas such as visualization and analysis specifically"

Scores Nice team will not break, and will continue working on their raw materials. It is expected that the acquisition deal to close in the first quarter of this year.

Big 3 steals for TechRepublic readers
  •     AWS NICE has recently acquired Italian software company, which manufactures products for high-performance computing.
  •     AWS HPC continues for some time, and could use the technology EnginFrame NICE to help increase the scalability of their existing solutions.
  •     AWS could also benefit from an indoor display solution desktop NICE to help strengthen its platform for 3D games, or provide better collaboration cloud for design and prototyping.

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