Sunday, February 28, 2016

Market Data in AWS Through Hentsu and B2N Partnership

Hentsū, fund coverage technology specialist, has been associated with B2N to offer a full range of historical market data in real time and fund managers worldwide through Amazon Web Services.

The Hub Hentsū operates the scale and global reach of AWS infrastructure, and prices of traditional utilities and agility of cloud computing. The cube has Hentsū managers in the feed box that is provided through a B2N API for all major markets, trading platforms and data providers.

"This partnership meets the needs of our customers, so essential for the data space market agility. Hentsū provides real-time transmission and connectivity, as well as time series of historical data for fund managers to manage their business strategies and proof of something. "said founder and CEO Hentsū Marko Djukic.

This new strategic alliance with B2N supplements Hentsū solutions and services and operate infrastructure AWS as research groups, check data entry and data storage, as well as existing business applications.

"Time to market has become a critical issue with our current and potential customers," said founder and CEO B2N Vasko Tomanov. "By using agile connectivity Hentsu markets in the cloud and hosted applications market customers can be much more agile and competitive hard today."

In addition, Hentsū cloud customers are able to free up space in their data centers, avoiding long contract providers to rapidly deploy scalable solutions and enjoy the benefits of technology simplification.

The overall content and can not be delivered quickly and cost-effectively in one of the 12 geographical "regions" where Amazon Web Services works, including the United States (Virginia, California and Oregon), South America (Sao Paulo), Europe ( Dublin and Frankfurt), Asia (Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing) and Australia (Sydney).

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