Sunday, May 8, 2016

Beyond AWS: The Cloud's Next Stage

AWS continues to hit out of the park, but companies need more than a cloud after the foundations are laid

The cloud platform, Amazon Web Services, generated $ 2.56 billion of revenue last quarter, putting it on track to spend $ 10 million this year. AWS was the clear leader in the public cloud for some time, and the latest financial data shows that leadership translates into real money and more companies adopt public cloud computing.

 If AWS continues to grow as it has done in recent years, it will earn $ 35 billion to $ 40 in 2018 and $ 75 million to $ 100 in 2019.

AWS the company successful transition from its original purpose by adding features and functions sought after by small businesses and even Global 2000 companies AWS has a huge advantage over other public cloud providers like Google and Microsoft, who now regrets that he sits on the bench, as long as they did. Last but not least, AWS is seen as the de facto leader by almost everyone.

This should cover its suppliers that are not AWS do to promote the adoption of IT companies? They have to think about how to be different and how to innovate. Companies seek public cloud services that AWS can not or will not.

 This could mean new approaches to security, monitoring and governance. Or it could mean vertical, such as those focusing on health care or finance ... or specialized IT services as dev-test services.

AWS copy at a lower price will not work - companies such as discounts, but appreciate the stability of suppliers, which means they tend to stick with major suppliers.

AWS can not or will not provide all businesses need, so the opportunity arises other public cloud providers to fill those gaps. It is ideal for business. After all, most companies use more than one public cloud, at least as a backup in case of failure or predatory pricing - moreso if other suppliers offer unique capabilities they need or want. Cloud providers that offer this additional expertise that companies are also using AWS seek.

The cloud market is the level of maturity where companies and cloud providers must think differently. The bases are known - and available from a handful of major suppliers (AWS, Microsoft and Google). The next step is waiting for suppliers and companies.

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