Sunday, June 26, 2016

U.S. OKs AWS Cloud For Sensitive Data

Amazon Web Services cloud has expanded its reach deeper into the infrastructure of government with an announcement this week that has been certified to handle a greater share of federal work loads.

The giant public cloud , which provides computing services secure cloud for agencies CIA and Defense, said on Thursday (June 24), the region of the United States of its platform GovCloud was appointed as a safe environment for running "very sensitive work loads." The interim authority after a review by a joint government called the Risk Management Program and federal authorization or FedRAMP committee.

The federal authorization of the United States to manage cloud of sensitive data includes over 400 security controls that enable AWS to offer cloud services for workloads, including personal information about federal employees, sensitive records patients, budget and other financial data, files of law enforcement and the designated class "controlled unclassified information."

The approval follows a massive network of violation to the Office of Personnel Management It is believed that the past to have compromised personal data of tens of millions of federal employees, including some security permissions maintenance year.

In a statement, the company said the FedRAMP "bottom-up" authorization facilitate the process of transfer of sensitive workloads the Government in the AWS GovCloud platform. The company estimates that more than 2,300 federal customers currently use their cloud services. Workloads are analyzing data from social genomic data disseminated to the collection of images of Mars from NASA planetary probes means.

The FedRAMP program aims to provide a standard approach to safety assessment, authorization and supervision of cloud services and products that federal agencies make a slow transition to the cloud. The category of "high base" includes data in case of theft by hackers could seriously affect operations and agency staff. AWS category called "more rigorous FedRAMP level to date" for the normalization of the security controls in the cloud.

AWS has already won a huge contract to provide secure cloud computing services for the CIA, and perhaps other intelligence agencies in the United States. The new authorization would provide the platform GovCloud civilian agencies, the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and other sensitive personal care agencies and other data.

Launched in 2011, the AWS GovCloud is an isolated region of the United States designed to house sensitive workloads to the cloud. With FedRAMP, the platform conforms to the provisions of US arms export international arms trafficking, the Department of Justice and the requirements of DoD systems classified as levels 2 and 4.

The region offers American AWS Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, virtual private cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service with Elastic Block Storage services identity management and access, according to the cloud provider.

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