Sunday, November 6, 2016

NextDC beats Equinix, Global Switch to AWS Melbourne Direct Connect

NextDC M1 installation has stolen a march on international competitors Equinix and Global Switch as the leading provider of co-location to go live with AWS Direct Connect in Melbourne.

The installation of M1 is the first point of the presence of direct connection in the Victorian capital, joining existing services in two data centers Global Switch Sydney and Equinix SY3.

The arrival of AWS Direct Connect in Melbourne offers "an important geo-redundancy service sustainability," according NextDC.

Currently, only three service providers offer services AWS Direct Connect NextDC M1: Telstra, Optus and NTT.

The arrival of Direct Connect in Melbourne offers customers another option for dedicated connections to services in the AWS cloud.

NextDC AXONVX service also operates its own data centers and third parties to provide dedicated connections to the services of private and public cloud, including AWS and Microsoft. The AXONVX virtual exchange network has locations in multiple facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.

According NextDC, guests staying outside the three current facilities can use AWS Direct Connect AXONVX to "take advantage of services between capital and ensure the elastic connections" on AWS.

Craig Scroggie, CEO NextDC, said: "The fact that AWS has chosen the center M1 data to host a Point of Presence Direct Connect is a testament to the world class quality of the installation and the strength of our ecosystem customers and partners .

"We are excited to see NextDC join the group selection leading provider of co-location in the world chosen by AWS to host a zone of direct connection.

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