Sunday, November 20, 2016

UltraServe Opens US Office Following strong AWS and SAP Hybris Demand

Australian e-commerce specialist, UltraServe, was extended to the United States, opening an office in Chicago to meet the demand for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the deployment of SAP Hybris and hosting experience.

UltraServe CEO Matt Hyland said the Chicago location makes sense from a commercial point of view as Amway, one of the company's largest partners, was one of the other customers based in the United States.

"Its location in Chicago is ideally between Central also Atlantic and Pacific coasts, which simplifies the process of meeting the organizations and to help eleven customer companies that are on board, the country," he said.

According to Hyland, international travel did not begin approximately two years when the company has expanded its partnership with key suppliers, SES AWS and SAP.

The company has emerged from the demand for its services through an international recognition of its experience in the deployment, support and hosting of e-commerce platforms in the cloud.

"There is a wide range of commercial cloud hosting generic companies, but no other company specializing in this particular area in the way we do, we begin to be well known for our experience and expertise in e-commerce platforms," le said.

"The deployment of an e-commerce platform technology is a complex project for any commercial enterprise. The more complex the company is, the larger the project will normally be.

"UltraServe processes and technologies that make projects run smoothly and those Finally, the customer saves time, money and pain in the development of their developed e-commerce platform."

Along with the company's experience in implementing projects for the company's customers locally and globally, UltraServe For Its SmartStack software automates much of the development and deployment process.

Hyland Told's office in Illinois ARN UltraServe expects to grow in the coming months and is trying to make new employees in North America.

Hyland added that the company plans to continue its international also launched next year, opening an office in Europe as a base from which the company can service multiple ITS Global customers.

"The plan is to cover the Asia-Pacific region through our Sydney, the Americas office through our Chicago office and a European office would cover the territory."

In April of this year, UltraServe SU revealed initial plans to ramp up its international growth with the appointment of Chief Hyland's management role.

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