Monday, April 24, 2017

TradAir Expands in Europe with Deployment of Amazon’s AWS UK Region

AWS Region of London joins Ireland and Frankfurt as the third location for European AWS.

TradAir, a leading provider of cloud-based technology solutions, today announced that its technology solutions are currently deployed in the new AWS Amazon region of London that offers even lower latency and high data sovereignty while drastically improving competitiveness Of its execution time.

After deployment, customers in the region now benefit from a safer, risk-free solution and their customers better and more reliable.

Amazon Web Services has created a clear presence in the UK with the opening of the AWS Europe region (London) earlier this year. The new availability zones have helped many companies reduce IT costs to meet the needs of data areas and make rapid changes in new critical areas such as large data analysis.

TradAir technology, which can be integrated into existing trading systems, provides financial institutions with the opportunity to improve their customer relationships and participation in global markets by creating new sources of revenue and reducing costs.

AWS London Region joins Ireland and Frankfurt as the third location for European AWS and offers a new option for end users and applications that benefit from the infrastructure found in Europe. In general, AWS now offers users a choice among the 17 regions with a total of 44 availability areas around the world.

David Elliot, director of financial services solutions services for Amazon Web Services, said: "We are delighted that TradAir has been present in the London area of the AWS for years. Taking advantage of AWS, TradAir offers lower latency with servers Deployed near major sites of foreign exchange and commercial liquidity providers in the city of London. "

Illit Geller, Managing Director of TradAir, added: "We are delighted to announce that TradAir's high performance, low latency operations technology solutions are now deployed in the New London AWS area. Are central to the provision of platforms for high-yield trading.Locating our closer to our choice of servers for FX liquidity providers, we have reduced command and return latency, which helped to achieve higher load factors , Lower slip and improve performance at runtime. Ensure that our customers and their customers continue to receive exceptional business experience. "

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