Tuesday, June 6, 2017

AWS Mobility Awards 2017: The winners take it all

Application-based solutions are new to start-ups and Indian entrepreneurs meet their global counterparts in terms of innovation and investment in space. Nowadays, it is a smartphone di rigor for almost everyone, and the applications loaded on the phone are the way new companies, young and old, trying to make life easier and the world we live in better.

To recognize the contributions and achievements of new companies working in space, Amazon Web Services Private Limited (Aispl), joined Sequoia India, Facebook and Intel for Mobility AWS Awards 2017. Awards to discover new companies and businesses that propose the Most innovative mobile solutions.

The grand finale of AWS Mobility Awards 2017, held in Bangalore on June 1, 2017. The vibrant night congratulating the winners saw a gala atmosphere. "We are delighted to see this level of enthusiasm, which confirms the extraordinary potential we believe India is a global leader in the mobility and space of the IO. I look forward to seeing many of these revolutionary ideas made in the marketplace where they will A very positive impact in our country, the AWS mobility award winners have a unique opportunity to be mentored by industry experts, "said Singh Bedi Bikram, head of Amazon Web Services Pvt. Ltd.

"India is at the forefront of a starting revolution and I am pleased that AWS supports this movement and provides innovators in the mobility space." Any encouragement is important for startups, and it is great to see this recognition come in the search Of that price, "said Shradha Sharma, CEO of yourstory and publisher.

The prizes are divided into two categories: Industry and special. The industry category was also classified as established (for applications no later than June 30, 2015 outbound) and emerging (for applications out of July 1, 2015 or later).

Winners of the category: Industry

Established: the award was given to Goibibo, a well-known application of travel bookings for flights and hotels.

Emerging: the award was awarded to GetMyParking, an application that facilitates management by expanding real-time parking information and allows the driver to search, book and navigate to a desired parking space.

Retail and e-commerce
Established: The price of this category was granted to BigBasket online grocery and food store offering a wide variety of products.

Emerging: The award was given to Crownit, a platform for data analysis and consumer marketing, to help brands and retailers connect with consumer groups across the country.

Financial services
Established: In this category saw Mobikwik, a widely used for mobile payments applications, purchase and recharge, outside with the prize.

Emerging: The winner of the award went to Chillr, an Indian FinTech start making mobile banking and financial transactions simple for its users.

Means of communication and entertainment
Established: Hotstar, one of the most complete catalogs ever offered on mobile and web for Indian customers, was a clear winner for this category.

Emerging: the award went to Awesummly, the application of the new snapshot that provides hand information for its real-time interest.

Health & Wellness
Established: The award was given to Practo, a technology company that enhances the patient's experience by allowing clinics in India to dispose of their products.

Emerging: DocsApp, an application that provides instant and private consultations of qualified and experienced doctors, the winner of the award on the left

Created: Byju, edited a company that offers learning programs for the contest, using original content, surveillance videos and learning, animations and rich interactive simulations, won in this section.

Emerging: The winner was Toppr, a learning app for K-12 students, which organizes learning in four modules: video conferences, essays, quizzes and quizzes

Established: The award was launched at Freshdesk, a company that allows companies to provide multi-channel support by phone, email, chat, web, social networking and mobile applications.

Emerging: The price of this category was awarded to Vymo, a personal mobile sales assistant who helps generate sales and productivity will have a direct impact on revenue growth.

Food and Hyperlocal
Established: Swiggy, the delivery of solutions and widespread food delivery has left prices

Emerging: Chaipoint, a brand of F & B retailer, which aims to meet the hot drinks needs of working India, won in this category.

The special award category was eight lucky winners:

Deep Tech
This category had two names of the winners and Haptik Niki.ai. Haptik is an application that acts as a personal assistant with a great way in which AI works. Niki.ai On the other hand, it is an AI-driven robot that simplifies the ordering experience and works through a simple chat interface

Facebook Platform
This award gave Goibibo his second winner in the afternoon. Goibibo is a well-known travel booking app for flights and hotels

SheLeads Tech
The winner of the award was CultureAlley, a mobile application that offers audio-visual lectures and hands-on interactive practical exercises

ISV product
The winner of this category was CleverTap, a boot-based application that integrates analysis and participation into a consolidated, boxed, and off-the-shelf solution for companies to separate and target their users

Application developer
The award was given to Robosoft Technologies, a digital product design and engineering company specializing in end-to-end mobile application development

Strange vision, a technology company focused on integrated computer vision systems, left the award in this category

Non profit
The award was given to Loop, a non-profit organization that brings technology together and social organizations to improve agriculture, health and nutrition

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