Sunday, March 20, 2016

Telstra Customers Cut Off from AWS Sydney Data Centre

Telstra customers have been able to connect to their services in one of the datacenters of Amazon Web Services Sydney this morning after a third routing problem, just hours after the company has solved a massive mobile court overnight.

At around 9 this morning, customers began reporting an inability to access the data center through mobile connections and fixed telephony Optus and Telstra.

AWS initially advised its customers a routing problem occurred within Telstra's network.

"This issue has implications for Internet connectivity between some networks and services AWS customers in the RAP-2-southeast, and Internet connectivity to places not AWS" he said.

"We work with [Telstra] to determine the extent of the problem and resolution time."

Telstra did not respond to a request for comment. The problem seems to be resolved about an hour later.
AWS said it had mitigated the problem by routing around network Telstra, if possible.

However, later he reported the problem was related to a third party provider and not the Telstra network originally reported.

"[After routing] traffic outside the network Telstra ... customer service was restored. The recovery occurred when the third corrected their faulty delivery, not because AWS routing traffic outside the network of Telstra," AWS said .

The question is less than 12 hours after Telstra mobile services have decreased nationally in "about half" of 2G, 3G and 4G customers Telstra voice and data.

The mobile telecommunications company, said last night cut any problems arose after abroad started a lot of customers to be disconnected from the network, congestion caused after reconnection.

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