Sunday, April 3, 2016

Azure picks up its own AWS Lambda Equivalent

Yesterday, its developers creating conference, the issue was the first major Microsoft Windows platform. Today was the turn of another platform, Azure, the cloud service from Microsoft speech.

was much of today's news that the services were previously seen beforehand have gone live. blue fabric service was announced at the event last year, and Microsoft has described as its platform-as-a-service offered by the second generation. web service has been used for energy services, such as Cortana and Skype for business, and offers useful features such as automatic scaling definition phase and deployment of new versions with automatic cancellation in case of problems features. It is designed to allow developers to manage tens or hundreds of times micro services stateless and state ful. web service is now in general availability, so the production of ready and widely available.

The company cited a new service: Azure features. This is designed for other abstract the details of the platform. Users of the functions should not facilitate storage or computing resources or anything like that. They just write a function in C # or JavaScript (using Node.js) and sinker operating events or data sources. The resources for this function are provisioned automatically and scaling is handled by the system. If the event volume rises, making the function to be activated more frequently, more resources will be allocated; as volume drops, resources will be reduced, possibly to zero. The functions are strictly pay per use, which means that if a function is called, it costs nothing.

This, of course, very familiar to developers clouds like Amazon Lambda, introduced in late 2014, is essentially the same. It has the same billing system pay per use.

Microsoft made the runtime functions open source, too, which means that not only run on Azure; which it could be used on local servers or even implemented in other cloud services, if desired.

Azure features are already available in the preview. a preview of energy also embeds BI. The power of BI is an analysis of data and information system to collect data from different sources and present them in a useful order to be better understood and interpreted manner. BI integrated energy gives developers the same analysis and reporting, but allows them to integrate into their own applications, so users will not have to use Power BI explicitly.

Much time was spent in the office building as a dev platform, but much of it was a rehash of things that are already available: Graphic Office, which allows developers to view all office objects (documents, contacts, email e) and the connections between them (who worked on the documents, a member of that team, and so on), and Office add-ins, which are built using JavaScript and HTML. These supplements received a boost today with Microsoft Add-In for Office to support for Mac OS X.

Microsoft also announced the use of robots for interactive systems and a new SDK now allows you to integrate Skype for voice calls and video business within an application.

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