Sunday, May 15, 2016

AWS Discovery Service Aims To Ease Legacy Migration Pain

AWS executives have come to regard the existing mixed environment as one of the barriers to cloud adoption. Without automatic aid, it is a painful process to capture the dependencies of an application. AWS Application Discovery.

Amazon Web Services has made its discovery of AWS service generally available. The service is designed to help companies migrate existing systems molestanllame the corporate data center and cloud, allowing them to find all the links and dependencies of an application.

The application of AWS Service Discovery was first announced at the Summit of AWS in Chicago

According to AWS, planning data center migration can involve thousands of workloads that are often deeply interdependent. application discovery and dependency mapping are the first important at the beginning of the migration process, but difficult to achieve scale due to lack of automated tools steps.

The company said its discovery request AWS services is designed to automatically collect configuration data and using servers, storage and network equipment in order to develop a list of applications and see how they perform, and their interrelation .

Basically, the service is designed to help a client to "dig into their existing environments, identify what is happening and give you the information and visibility they need," wrote Jeff Barr, evangelist leader AWS

AWS executives have come to regard the existing mixed environment as one of the barriers to cloud adoption. Even when the IT staff wants to move to the cloud, it is expensive and takes time to unravel the existing application code to determine how many pieces are involved and to migrate data sources are needed.

AWS service discovery can not only follow the application dependencies, you can also set up a behavioral profile that indicates what resources they will need.

With AWS service discovery, the customer must install a small agent on a control program, where maps of the applications running and the identity of the operating system on which they depend. The Service is currently working with 14 Ubuntu, Red Hat, 6-7, 6-7 CentOS and Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. AWS will add other operating systems over time, provided that customers raise enough demand for them.

The agent also provides that the network connections using an application, the amount of CPU and memory, how this application creates processes and how they are completed, the directories you use, and their hard and storage events. The information is stored in a database used by the AWS service that can be downloaded to the client site as XML or comma-separated values ​​(CSV), according to information posted on the AWS service.

The agent constructs an image of not only an application, but how different applications are dependent on each other. This assignment is essential to build a plan that allows to migrate existing applications to the cloud, Barr wrote.

Although the service is generally available, there is another cloud service customers can activate by swiping a credit card. It is available through AWS Professional Services or through partner network providers such as Amazon second clock, Accenture, Cloudreach, channeling data and Rackspace, among others.

A total of 16 certified partners are available to help implement the service. There is a limit of 250 agents during the use of data collection applications to a client at a time. It also stores the data of only 90 days, after which it will be purged.

Amazon seems to add fuel to the fire behind the willingness of the company to move workloads to the cloud. Above is added migration tools and a service conversion relational database schema based on its Aurora systems and relational databases in the cloud. This trend some local conversions seems to have accelerated to cloud computing

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