Sunday, May 22, 2016

​Mission-Critical SAP Applications Gaining Momentum on AWS

The use of SAP business applications in the cloud of Amazon Web Services is growing in all sectors and geographical areas, as companies critical workloads move into the heavens.

Since the verification and certification of the various solutions for production deployment in AWS, the SAP workloads now available include S / 4hana, SAP Business Suite on HANA HANA Business Warehouse, SAP HANA, SAP Business All- in-One, SAP Business One, Database SAP Business Objects, SAP and mobile solutions.

"The use of SAP company AWS is incredibly fast growth in all geographic and vertical regions that companies manage their most important applications of AWS and Cloud become more comfortable," AWS vice president of Worldwide Partner Ecosystem Terry Wise said .

"Since I became the first platform public cloud for SAP certification for running production costs in 2011, AWS continued to innovate to provide the capabilities and the operational performance of the company's customers need to perform their of critical applications with confidence in the AWS cloud "business.

As explained by Wise, and on specific sectors, Lionsgate is a global entertainment company that produces movies and TV shows for an audience worldwide.

"We have been using AWS for six years and have achieved significant savings in infrastructure costs," said Theresa Miller Lionsgate IOC.

"As an SAP shop above all, the ability to run SAP Business Suite and Business Warehouse in AWS is very important for our IT company, especially in regard to the testing of new workloads.

"Running our IT infrastructure in AWS reduce traditional barriers that slow innovation, allowing us the flexibility to spin up and try new workloads in near real time. This agility gives my team the confidence to try things new ".

In addition, General Electric (GE) Industrial Company is digital world, change the machinery industry and defined software solutions that are better connected and more predictive.

Within the organization, GE Oil & Gas is a pioneer in the digital transformation of the company, a key element of what their journey to the cloud.

"At GE, we need to annotate, monitor, measure and automate all our business critical applications and start creating models that allow us to reusable ones," GE Transportation CTO, Ben Cabanas added.

"The use of the AWS cloud has changed the way we approach this. We are now more than half of our basic applications on AWS, including several SAP applications, including SAP and SAP BI Hybrid.

"To date, we have achieved a reduction of 52 percent in total cost of ownership due to the use of the AWS cloud and intends to continue with the migration of critical applications to AWS - our goal is to migrate at least 500 of our applications ".

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