Sunday, May 29, 2016

Two Weeks Ago Salesforce Had an Outage. Now it's Outsourced to AWS

Fresh from his embarrassing incident data loss in North America, Salesforce has announced it will begin operating some of logiciels on Amazon Web Services.

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, the cloud applications, community cloud, Cloud and Analytics soi soon be in Granary morceaux AWS. Heroku, Social Marketing Cloud Studio, SalesforceIQ, and the recently announced Salesforce cloud IO already resides inside Jeff reduced Granaries Bit crazy price.

PDG conservation statement Marc Benioff Salesforce sees declaring "No provider public cloud infrastructure that is more sophisticated and has more capabilities for Business Robusta support needs of our growing base of customers mondiale."

the What is difficult to deal, if only because AWS mer market leader in non young field.

AWS has issued a humblebrag in response to the effect that is very happy to have scored the concert.

Salesforce itself as discovered during the interruption of your instance NA14 earlier this month, including non exhaustive efforts to toughen data center may encounter small obstacles. costumes-as-a-Service Software also tend to prefer their positions one to be lean, sales driven by issues EAT dirty running the business infrastructure is not cheap or pleasant.

Going to new sites AWS therefore makes little sense pair Salesforce.

AWS is also in the business infrastructure to scale, in many places.

Pas that actually explains why Salesforce has also increased its prices for users in the UK to the highest levels of what it charges in the US ..

A Crinkle more: everyone titans cloud sometimes been associated with local actors. In Australie, for example, Microsoft Azure is thought to be hosted by local players NextDC while AWS times berths in Equinix. Salesforce signing of a unique agreement seems AWS bad news for local players mondiale them comparable, although many opportunities remain in this adventure cloud for a while yet

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