Sunday, February 12, 2017

CyberArk boosts privileged account security for AWS

CyberArk has developed security solutions for privileged accounts for Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the company says it will help customers protect, detect, and respond to advanced threats.

At a time when many organizations have at least part of their cloud operations, CyberArk said that by 2024 more than 80% of the costs will run on cloud architecture. This causes various concerns about cyber security, particularly in identifying user information and application.
The user privileges and preferred applications are used to manage the console, allow the application to connect with sensitive assets and productively dynamically distributed production environments, according to the company.

"CyberArk provides flexible and secure protection for cloud environments. These new features provide greater confidence in security teams to ensure that privilege-related policies are applied systematically in the enterprise and extended their AWS business environment," said Roy Adar, Senior Vice President, CyberArk.

New solutions can detect and rotate credentials based on company policy, monitor and record privileged access.

CyberArk Discovery and Audit simplifies discovery and communication in areas of the AWS environment. Users can also secure and manage AWS passwords.

"CyberArk helps create an account with security privileges in cloud environments from scratch with automatic provisioning and continuous visibility during cloud migration and continuous management," says Adar.

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